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A Little History on Serums

Posted by Marilyn on 6/13/2013 to Products
ferulic c-20 serum

Serums are a pretty big deal and, typically, they are fairly costly little bottles of goodness. So, I thought it might help you to know a little history about serums and some information to help you better understand the product.

In the mid nineties serums were the new kid on the block. Cellex-C hit the market with a rage! I knew of one day spa that did half of its retail business in mail order with this product alone. Now serums are a regular part of many skincare protocols. These little bottles of product rapidly changed the face of the market. Now, the consumer had a way to start changing their skin in a way that didnít require a prescription or a doctor. Today, serums have morphed into high end and high tech treatments.

You may askÖ do serums work and do I need one? The answer is yes and yes. The reason why they work is the molecule is small enough to penetrate the epidermal layers. So they can slip into the skin and effect a change in the dermis. Serums can help brighten the skin over time. Vitamin C is the big daddy for this effect. Vitamin C serum can work in several waysÖ.
  1. It's the key ingredient in collagen synthesis a key structural protein in the skin antioxidant
  2. It reduces free radical in the skin 
  3. It basically keeps the skin from rusting!
  4. It helps reduce wrinkling and improves texture of the skin
  5. It brightens and brings a luminance back to aging skin
So what is the down side to using a C serum? I donít see one!!

Vitamin Cís should be used in the morning because it protects the skin from environmental damage and also offers a small amount of sun protection.
The most common form of Vitamin C is L ascorbic acid, with a higher PH it can cause some mild irritation but is best for most skin types. However, for dry and sensitive skins, ascorbyl palmitate is oil based and kinder to these skin types.  Dry powder Vitamin C (which InFlight will be introducing later this summer!!) offers a wonderful way to make any product a C product.  By simply mixing into a moisturizer or toner or anything you get the benefits of 3 different forms of Vitamin C. We are excited to expand this part of our line!!!

So, there you have it! A little rundown on serums, specifically Vitamin C serum, and how it can help.

Have a beautiful week!

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candace mclean Date 3/15/2014
Great information! I never used one before using Inflight. The wonderful results proved themselves to me right away. Now I know why! My skin care regime won't be without a serum ever again. Thanks Marilyn!
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