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The Serum: 

Fabulous!  Within minutes your skin feels and look smoother and more hydrated. This is without a doubt one of the finest products available! - Barbara M.

Wouldn’t want to be without it! -  Susie J.


I have dry skin coupled with living in Colorado, I’ve yet to find anything that works...except The Serum. It is the ONLY product I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. This serum hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy. I highly recommend The Serum for anyone looking for immediate results! - Kathryn F.


I’m addicted to InFlight’s Serum! The smell, the feel on my skin,  With a drawer full of products, this is the one I turn to both day and night. - Melody V.

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About Us

InFlight Skincare
Marilyn Cornelison

Hi, I’m Marilyn Cornelison, the creator and sole owner of InFlight Skincare.   My product line has been developed to fill a specialized need for Flight Attendants.  I was a Flight Attendant for Continental Airlines and now I am with SkyWest Airlines.  In between, I was a Medical Esthetician for 20 years.  I learned, firsthand, what really changes skin and what is complete rubbish.  So, I am going to share with you a few skin truths and, perhaps, you can make your skincare product choices with these in mind.

1.  Be real…if you have middle-aged damaged skin with wrinkles, pigmentation, rough and
dehydrated texture, ONE bottle of anything is not going to give you lasting changes.

2. Commit… change takes time… how long did it take to damage this skin?  Give it time to
regenerate.  At the very least 3 months.

3. “Natural” isn’t always better…what works is better.  Product needs to get INTO the skin not rest on top, so active ingredients are a must and they must be at the top of the ingredient deck, not second from the last.

4. If you sit in front of your mirror pulling your skin towards your ears, that’s a surgical procedure,
not a product choice.

5. What you do twice a day, every day, will change your skin for the long haul.  I have done
thousands of chemical peels and laser procedures.  Those patients, who didn’t commit to stellar
home care, simply wasted their time and money.

So, why InFlight Skincare? Because it works.  In order to change skin, product has to get into the deeper layers of the tissue.  I have chosen only active pharmaceutical ingredients that are small enough in molecular structure to penetrate the skin.  The result of using ingredients that are truly anti-aging is a skin that glows from the inside out, is baby soft to the touch and feels hydrated without feeling greasy.  When the outer layer of the skin is compact, light bounces off the cheek bone like a 5 year old's skin!  You need less or no make-up, and people compliment you on your great skin.  Look at it this way, perhaps what you are using now is like non-reving  in the last row of coach.  Sure, you’re on the airplane and happy enough… however, using InFlight Skincare is like getting bumped to First Class, you have arrived!!!

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