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All you need to know about cleansing: Part 2

Posted by Marilyn on 4/3/2013 to Skincare
As promised in the last post, here's my advice and a few tricks of the trade for cleansing at each stage of life to look your best no matter your age!

Provided you arenít dealing with acne, you can get away with a lot!! 
Choose the best product you can afford and be consistent with care. At this age you arenít really ready for correction, maybe some vitamin C, but the MOST important thing is use sunscreen every single day. This is the best anti-aging habit you can adopt.

Entering the 30s we being to see subtle signs of aging, fine lines, brown spots and the like. No need to panic, but think in terms of being proactive. One of my favorite tools is a simple washcloth. Using cleanser in your hands cleanse the face for about 30 seconds; have the washcloth in the sink with warm water running. Squeeze the water out and wipe all the cleanser completely off. Not only does the cleanser come off so do dead skin cells. If you are starting to get dry, stop cleansing in the morning.

In this decade we start to see aging getting a foothold. What was once fresh and plump starts to show deeper wrinkles, nasal labial folds, rough, dull and dry skin. Now is the time to bring on the game changers, get a Clarisonic Brush and start using it every second or third day until you can use it every day (usually at night). Couple this brush with a light alpha hydroxy acid-lactic or glycolic acids are good choices. This will get your glow back!!

In these decades we are all about changing and correcting whatever we can!!  Again Clarisonic Brush is a great help, anything to stimulate circulation and encourage a radiant skin. With the drop of estrogen skin becomes drier and thinner. Sometimes acne pops up due to the unchecked testosterone.  Salicylic acid is great for aging and acne prone skin. It brightens a dull complexion and clears out the pores. Definitely drop to cleansing once a day and use the washcloths to get the cleanser off. If you just splash, it leaves a dry film of cleanser on the faceÖicky.  In the AM use a splash of toner to freshen the face.

So, there you have it! How does this differ from what you do? Do you have tricks and tips to share of your own? Questions? Comments? I love them all!!

Thanks for reading and, as always, stay beautiful!
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