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Fabulous!  Within minutes your skin feels and look smoother and more hydrated. This is without a doubt one of the finest products available! - Barbara M.

Wouldn’t want to be without it! -  Susie J.


I have dry skin coupled with living in Colorado, I’ve yet to find anything that works...except The Serum. It is the ONLY product I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot. This serum hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy. I highly recommend The Serum for anyone looking for immediate results! - Kathryn F.


I’m addicted to InFlight’s Serum! The smell, the feel on my skin,  With a drawer full of products, this is the one I turn to both day and night. - Melody V.

Packaging... it's kinda a big deal

Posted by Marilyn on 6/24/2013 to Products
Have you ever thought about why products are packaged the way they are? If not packaged correctly the contents of the product can be compromised and the product negatively affected. Relating to the last post on Vitamin C in serums... here's a great example of the impact packaging has on product.

Vitamin C is unstable unless it is a dry powder so the packaging should be opaque so light does not degrade the product. The serum itself should be clear or very light in color, if it is markedly yellow something is off… if it smells, it is REALLY off!

The delivery system for product packaging is also important. An airless pump is the best, as oxygen cannot enter the pump device and taint the product. So, if your Vitamin C is in a cream or a dropper the C will degrade with each opening.

Interesting, huh? Just a few more things to think about...

Have a beautiful week! ~Marilyn
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Linda Sanchez Date 6/24/2013
Thx for the info GF. Nice Job!!! I need more product should I call you?
Linda Sanchez Date 7/3/2013
Ms.Marilyn, just today I placed my order to replenish my Skin Care Line that you originally recommended, which I must add "my skin has not looked and felt better". Thank you!! I am so looking forward once again to continue my regiment, it really does make a difference to use your products in a cosistent matter. Again, I have to Thank You for providing such great service& product. Sincerely, Linda
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