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Fabulous!† Within minutes your skin feels and look smoother and more hydrated. This is without a doubt one of the finest products available! - Barbara M.

Wouldnít want to be without it! -† Susie J.

I have dry skin coupled with living in Colorado, Iíve yet to find anything that works...except The Serum. It is the ONLY product Iíve tried and Iíve tried a lot. This serum hydrates my skin without leaving it greasy. I highly recommend The Serum for anyone looking for immediate results! - Kathryn F.

Iím addicted to InFlightís Serum! The smell, the feel on my skin,† With a drawer full of products, this is the one I turn to both day and night. - Melody V.

Taking the years off your eyes

Posted by Marilyn on 2/25/2013 to Skincare

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. The question I have is who's looking in? I can't do much about what others perceive about me except to have a good opinion about what I see when I look into my own eyes. If I find kindness, humor, warmth and love, I hope that others find those qualities as well. And the strange thing about that is very often people who exude those rays of light from within, often look ageless! Particularly as we get older, taking a hard look at what we see around the eyes can be daunting.  With lines of wisdom, laughter, and another year on the planet... what's a girl (or guy) to do?

First, figure out - with the help of a professional - what your options are for correcting problematic issues around your eyes. What are the time and cost commitments for what you would like to do? And, do you what to walk down that road or are you okay leaving well enough alone? In my world of medical esthetics there are many good possibilities and when done in a natural, understated way they can work wonders.

Botox, in the hands of a good injector, can and does look natural to temporarily immobilize tiny muscles around the eyes and in the forehead to give a lifted and smooth appearance around the eyes. The eyes can look more open and don't crinkle as much or at all when you smile. Botox can last from 3 to 4 months gradually wearing off, then requiring retreating. Another popular option is fillers, which can be used in the hollow beneath the eye to give the eye a plumper look. Upper and lower eyelid surgeries give the longest result, taking excess skin away, leaving a more youthful look to the eyes.

All of these options used singularly or combined can make wonderful changes to the eye area. However, none of these do a thing to change the skin around the eye area. I have found this area easily becomes dehydrated looking ashy or flaky because there is often confusion or concerns about what the right approach is. While this area is thin and delicate, light applications of alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids stimulate collagen and exfoliate the skin helping to refine truly improve fine lines and moderate wrinkles.

Eye creams are a huge player in getting and keeping the eye area flush with hydration and moisture. They should be used twice a day and not overused by applying to excess.

More is not better.

A little bit will (and should) go a long way so buying the best quality eye cream is truly a good investment!

At InFlight Skincare we pride ourselves on our Prescriptive Eye Cream and Alpha Lipoic Acid Lifting Eye Cream!

Prescriptive Eye Cream is rich in natural oils, sunflower, avocado and almond. Also has vitamin A, D and E with a bit of Salicylic Acid for exfoliation and DMAE helps with smoothing and firming. Rosehip oil is a terrific hydrator and repairs damaged cells. Truly a favorite product among our clients.

Alpha Lipoic Acid Lifting Eye Cream is a proven corrector. ALA is known as a universal antioxidant, both water and lipid soluble it can penetrate the entire cell to stop cellular breakdown or "rusting" of the cell. DMAE tightens and smoothes fine lines, while Glycolic Acid and Vitamin C encourage cell turn over, boosted by Arnica which helps with darkness and puffiness. In an ideal world ALA Lifting Eye Cream would be your day treatment and Prescriptive Eye Cream your night treatment.

Using only a half a pump per application (for both eyes) these two products will last you about 8 to 9 months, and you are getting the best of both. Of course you may use either one alone for your morning and nighttime treatment.

My wish for your is that the windows of your soul are hydrated, smooth and beautiful!!!
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