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Why use toners?

Posted by Marilyn on 5/9/2013 to Skincare
Grapeskin Antioxidant Toner

Anybody who has ever sought to buy products from a skincare professional, from the sales person behind the counter at the department store to an independent rep for a skincare product line to a licensed esthetician in a dermatology office, you know that a toner is always recommended between cleansing and moisturizing but WHY? Great question! There is a lot of confusion about whether toners are worth the money, time, and effort. And to be honest, at one point in my life I, too, thought that perhaps toners were a huge waste of all of the above!! However, I am now older and wiser and yes, my friends, toners are worth it! Here's why...

Toners have a very specific purposeÖ to re-balance the acid mantel of the skin. Huh? What's that mean? Well, the acid mantel is the PH of the epidermis. So, generally after cleansing (and depending on the harshness of the cleanser) the PH of your skin is waaaaay out of balance. We all know that nothing good comes from being out of balance. True also for your skin. If your skin gets out of balance it has to work very hard to restore the balance. Toners, or should I say the RIGHT toner, allows you to make it much easier on your skin. And, I think we're all clear on why we need to be good to our skin. Right?!

So, there the WHY of using toners. In the next three posts I'm going to go into detail on the three main skin types that benefit the most from the use of toners: Dry/dehydrated, sensitive, and oily.

Thanks for reading and, as always, I love to hear your questions and comments!!
~ Marilyn
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