Marilyn's 5 Best Skincare Tips

These are a few of my favorite tips and tricks that I have learned along the way. Shhhh.... don't tell! 

1. Did you know that cells turn over 6 times faster during the night? So be a freak about taking your make-up off and getting the good stuff on before you roll over and turn off the light. 

2. OK this one is great---- (thanks Tanja!) When you get a sample (the little flat packet kind) instead of cutting the corner off, poke a hole in one corner at the top. Then roll the product up from the opposite corner, it will deliver you just the right amount of product. My friend Tanja made ONE eye cream sample last 4 weeks…fantastic tip! 

3. A client, Candace, emailed me with a great question, “Does my skin need to be dry before I put on product?” If you are using one of those game changer products, like Retin-A or Glycolic Serum, a damp face can make it stronger. To reduce irritation take a blow dryer and make your face bone dry then apply your active product.  Give it a minute then apply your moisturizer. 

4. To get the best results from a self-tanner -  A) use a great exfoliating moisturizer like Glytone FIRST (love this product, btw) and B) got this from a dermotologist… put on the self-tanner right after you get out of the shower, then put moisturizer over the tanner. Don’t put the tanner on anything that bends, like knees. Those area will naturally get more sun so it will make that area darker. 

5. Saving the best for last!!! When you are applying mascara, position your mirror so that you can see UNDER your lashes, usually you will be looking up your nose!!! Then you can see the full length of your lashes instead of looking at them straight on. This will let you apply your mascara from root to tip and you will be amazed how long those babies really are!