Packaging... it's kinda a big deal

Have you ever thought about why products are packaged the way they are? If not packaged correctly the contents of the product can be compromised and the product negatively affected. Relating to the last post on Vitamin C in serums... here's a great example of the impact packaging has on product. 

Vitamin C is unstable unless it is a dry powder so the packaging should be opaque so light does not degrade the product. The serum itself should be clear or very light in color, if it is markedly yellow something is off… if it smells, it is REALLY off! 

The delivery system for product packaging is also important. An airless pump is the best, as oxygen cannot enter the pump device and taint the product. So, if your Vitamin C is in a cream or a dropper the C will degrade with each opening. 

Interesting, huh? Just a few more things to think about... 

Have a beautiful week! ~Marilyn