Using Toners for Sensitive and Oily Skin Types

Last week we covered using toners for dry skin types. This week we are moving on to discuss the use of toners for sensitive skin and oily skin types. Both sensitive and oily skin often require individual assessment however there are some generalizations that can be made on treatment and best products for these types. Of course, everybody is different and if you feel you have "problem" skin but these descriptions don't match up for your particular scenario, please email me or send me a comment and I'll be happy to help! 

Sensitive skin is defined as skin that is prone to rashes, itching, and excessive redness. Common trademarks of sensitive skin include rashes and redness under rings or pierced earrings. It is common for those with sensitive skin to only be able to wear real gold or platinum jewelry.  For those with sensitive skin, I generally recommend toners with caution.  If you feel a second toner-type step is important to you then try using a facial water.  There are some with selenium in them that have a nice calming effect.  Most people with sensitive skin learn from extensive trial and error that less is more.  That said, in my years of experience as an esthetician, I have found that some self-diagnosed “sensitives” are really skin-types that are so out of balance and improperly cared for they are in full out rebellion!!! There are ways to heal and help these conditions.

Oily skin can be a challenge; there are so many different types, sensitive-oily, dehydrated-oily, oily-acne.  In these skin types, I generally treat the secondary condition first. Reason being, to get in there and treat only the oil, the sensitive skin will likely push back.  I have found that glycolic and lactic are two good choices for this condition; they will address both conditions nicely.  I have also learned that in these skin types, trial and error may be required to find the right product fit.  I like a toner for these skin types especially because the treatment ingredients stay in and support the skin.  Using a treatment cleanser alone is valuable however, washes off in 30 to 60 seconds, toning keeps the action going.

Have a beautiful week!